Artist Statement

thimble full of red
‘A Thimble full of Red’ Mixed Media on Canvas

Rachael’s work has its own pictorial language which has evolved over a number of years since graduating from Derby University. Painting about everyday life, people, places & landscapes. These responses are influenced by the emotions of a specific time and place. Her work is abstracted, working with paint, colour, mark making and collage. 

Creating paintings that are intuitive, which for Rachael is about trusting and not thinking – the thinking part comes later on. Interested in the processes involved in painting and also the physicality of the materials themselves. The paintings are made up of layers of paint and paper that are scratched, rubbed, scraped away and then added to until the desired affect is achieved.

Rachael often chooses to work in a series which lends itself to an unfolding over time, with variations on a theme or movements relating to each other – the relationship between the pieces can be obvious or sometimes quite subtle.

Currently working on a small scale her work encourages one to get up close to see them so as to see the complexity, detail & subtlety that lies in wait for the viewer. Rachael lives and works in rural Derbyshire, UK where she has her own studio. She also curates and manages The Old Station Gallery, a commercial art gallery in Rowsley, Derbyshire. 


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